Web development & production

Every major initiative starts with a great strategy.
Are you launching a major campaign in a month or two months or six years, and you need to make sure that gets results. Your site or messaging or social media strategy is not up to the task. Your business is not structured to compete in the digital age. Horixon can help with all these and more challenges. Our combination of new media and technology consulting services.

Search Engine Optimization

Organizations that understand how search engines evaluate and rank their results can adjust your site content and outreach tactics to win in a huge market. But today, you can not fool Google or Bing for long. That’s why the Horixon has a team of online marketing, editorial, coding, and public relations specialists to develop SEO strategies with future vision to complement its broader goals.

ECommerce B2B and B2C

You like to have an e-commerce and have questions about logistics, payment methods, fraud detection, how to make your site sell or how to develop a store efficiently, we have the answers, is your shop facing suppliers (Business-to -business) or to the final consumer (Business-to-consumer). Request a contact and will explain in detail how it all works.

Architecture consulting and information design

When users come to your site, your initial reaction should be a feeling, an emotion – the feeling that they have entered into a world that is engaging, full of promise, full of a sense of urgency.
Ultimately, design Your site should express your brand, communicate your mission, and promote interactions that excite your visitors and funnel them to their priorities.
This is what we do.

Website development tailored for Mobile

Following the trends and market demands Horixon deployed a team to develop for mobile, since the adaptation of the interface to creating applications for specific platforms.
In an environment where there are thousands of formats and platforms need a team and methodologies bold.

Brand management on social networks

Be present in the right place at the right time. Knowing what to say and how to speak. These are the key points to the beginning of a relationship brands and people. Horixon includes specialists in public relations, editorial from different generations who understand your audience before putting your hands dirty. Please contact us and we’ll help you elevate your brand.